• When We Talk About Abortion, Let’s Talk About Men

    Since women don’t have unwanted pregnancies without them.

  • Mexico: Talks and more talks, no deal yet to avert tariffs

    WASHINGTON (AP) " U.S. and Mexican officials labored for a second day Thursday to avert import tariffs that President Donald Trump is threatening to impose as he tries to strong-arm Mexico into stemming the flood of Central American migrants at America's southern border.Both sides claimed headway in a lengthy meeting Wednesday, but Trump said a "lot of progress" must still be made to halt the 5% tax on all Mexican goods that he has threatened to impose Monday as part of an escalating [

  • Ciara Talks Breakup With Future And Finding Love Again On 'Red Table Talk'

    "I’d be in the shower, crying because I’m not in the happiest place."

  • Dustin Rhodes Talks WWE Departure, Future AEW Plans on 'Talk Is Jericho'

    Dustin Rhodes appeared on Wednesday's episode of Talk Is Jericho with Chris Jericho to discuss his departure from WWE and how he plans to contribute to All Elite Wrestling moving forward

  • Trump lashes out against Mexico ahead of border talks: 'We want action, not talk'

    "Mexico is sending a big delegation to talk about the Border. Problem is, they've been 'talking' for 25 years. We want action, not talk," Trump wrote in a post on Twitter.

  • Brad Sherman: I want to talk policy, but cable networks ‘only’ want to talk impeachment

    In a stunning criticism of the headline-driven news cycle, Rep. Brad Sherman said Friday he wants to come on television and discuss policy issues he's working on but said he can only get appearances if he agrees to discuss the potential impeachment of President Trump. Mr. Sherman, a California Democrat,

  • Tough talk and wish fulfillment struggle for control of Mindy Kaling's talk-show comedy Late Night

    The hook of the new comedy Late Night is supposed to be the sight of Emma Thompson, as a veteran network talk show host, reacting with flinty skepticism to a scrappy novice writer played by Mindy Kaling, who also wrote the film. But the project’s real promise lies in the fact that confirmed romantic comedy fan Kaling wrote a movie attempting to de-romanticize comedy as a profession.

  • Brickbat: Take It Off

    Female defense attorneys in Jackson County, Missouri, say they suddenly have been told to take off their underwire bras before jailers at the detention center will allow them in to see their clients. It's part of a new security protocol imposed by Sheriff Darryl Forte. Public Defender Ruth Petsch says her office was not given any warning about the new requirements.

  • Brickbat: How Annoying

    The Gary (Indiana) Community School Corp. has placed the principal of Bailly Preparatory Academy, Carlita Royal, on paid leave and taken the first steps to fire three teachers. The moves come after a teacher gave a fifth-grade student with autism an award for "Most Annoying Male" at the school's year-end awards ceremony in front of other students and parents. The school district is refusing to identify the three teachers.

  • Make them talk

    James, the Apostle of Christ teaches us how a little kindle can burn a forest and how a small rudder can turn a ship, and in like manner, the tongue can get all of us into trouble. by Cito Beltran

  • Brickbat: The Most Superlative

    In Virginia, Taryn Price says her son, Azavier, 11, was hurt and embarrassed when his teacher at Brookneal Elementary School presented him an award on the last day of fifth grade for the student most likely to stay in the school forever. She says the boy has autism and has been bullied in the past. In a statement, Campbell County Schools said in a statement the award was "given in good faith" and "not intended to demean or disparage the student; However, we recognize it was received in this...

  • Brickbat: You Gonna Eat That?

    David Abston, sheriff of Pickens County, Alabama, since 1987, has pleaded guilty to one count each of wire fraud and filing a false tax return. According to federal prosecutors, Abston defrauded the West Alabama Food Bank and the Highland Baptist Church of Gordo to reduce his jail food cost so he could keep more of the jail's food money. Until last year, the state allowed sheriffs to personally pocket any money budgeted for food they did not spend.