Amazon Reviews Are Not To Be Trusted: Report

by Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge— A two-week investigation by The Hustle's Zachary Crockett into the seedy underbelly of Amazon's "fake review economy" reveals rampant fraud - primarily from shady Chinese sellers bribing buyers for positive reviews.  “Isn’t this illegal?” I found myself typing one Tuesday night at 1:15 AM. I was chatting with Lien Xi, an Amazon seller from Guangzhou, China, I’d met several minutes before in a private Facebook group. She’d courted me with an offer: If I gave her phone charger a 5-star...

New York Post—Amazon flooded with thousands of potentially fake reviews: report. Amazon is inundated with tens of thousands of “potentially fake” five-star product reviews, a UK consumer group claims. Of the hundreds of tech products analyzed by the group Which?, “many have a raft of five star customer ratings and thousands of glowing reviews, and many of these are from unverified purchasers – all telltale signs

CNBC—Amazon flooded with thousands of fake reviews, report claims. The probe, carried out by U.K. consumer advocacy group Which?, analyzed hundreds of tech products on Amazon and found that potentially false reviews were helping unknown brands dominate searches for popular items.

The Independent—Amazon littered with thousands of 'fake' five-star reviews, Which? report finds. The consumer group says its research suggests that 'Amazon is losing the battle against fake reviews'