Tiny leopard cub rescued from certain death in village well

by www.aol.co.uk

www.aol.co.uk— This is the moment a leopard cub step into a rescue cage lowered into a 25-foot-deep well in Manchar in Western India. A farmer, who went to turn on the motor pump, was startled to find the

Mail Online—Leopards rescued from the bottom of 50ft well after falling during a fight over territory in India. The two male leopards fell into the well in Bhatkalwadi, Maharashtra, India, on Friday morning. They were heard growling and locals called a wildlife rescue team to lift them out using a makeshift cage.

Mail Online—Villagers cheer as bear who fell into a 40ft well in a desperate search for food is rescued. A four-hour operation ended with a malnourished bear being dragged from a well in Bedhasahi village near Balasore in Odisha, India, yesterday. Officials had tied ropes around its paws to pull it out.

www.independent.co.uk—Why landlords need to be well prepared for death. They say nothing's certain in life but death and taxes. With her cash tied up in property, the accidental landlord acts now to save her loved ones an almighty headache when she pops off.