My nephew who was recently diagnosed with L-CMD made it in the news! My face hurts from smiling. Need all the awareness we can get for such a rare disease. Less than 200 cases worldwide.

by— Parents in Florence are on a mission to save their 1-year-old son after he was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

CNET—Best monitor under $200 you can get for 2021. A second monitor can make work or school much more productive, and you don't have to pay much to get a decent model from Dell, LG, BenQ, Samsung or others.

BBC News—Monkeypox: More than 200 contacts tracked in US for rare disease. No instances of the rare disease had been recorded in the US since 2003.—Baltimore needs all the ‘dreamers’ it can get (and so does the U.S.). DACA was that little ray of hope that sensibility and common sense would prevail. Let's do what we can to save it, those who came here as undocumented children and our country as a whole.