L.A. city report on grocery 'hero pay' warns of potential layoffs, price increases

by Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times— L.A. City Council warns in a report that requiring grocery stores to temporarily boost workers' pay could lead to higher prices or layoffs.

Los Angeles Times—L.A. City Council approves 'hero pay' wage boost for grocery workers. The Los Angeles City Council approved a $5-an-hour temporary boost for grocery workers, a move that could bring a legal challenge from the grocery store industry.

Los Angeles Times—L.A. County approves 'hero pay' mandate of $5 an hour for grocery workers. The $5 an hour pay boost for grocery workers in unincorporated L.A. County begins Friday. The L.A. City Council is to pass a similar measure Wednesday.

Los Angeles Times—Op-Ed: Grocery workers deserve 'hero pay.' Kroger shouldn't close stores to avoid paying it. Long Beach's "hero pay" boosts grocery store workers' pay during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kroger responded by closing two stores. That's just wrong.