Colorado adopts California emissions standards


KUSA— Under the rules, new vehicles sold in Colorado must average 36 miles per gallon (15 kilometers per liter) by the year 2025. That's about 10 miles per gallon (4 kilometers per liter) over the existing standard.

/CBSdenver—Colorado Adopts California Emissions Standards. Colorado has adopted vehicle emission rules that incorporate California standards, joining several other states in moving pre-emptively to avoid any weakening of federal standards by the Trump administration.

TechCrunch—California says all city buses have to be emission free by 2040. On the heels of a dire government report published last month about climate change and its devastating impacts, many cities and states are scrambling to find ways to curb the greenhouse gas emissions that threaten their air quality, not to mention their economies. As is often the case, California is leading the charge, yesterday becoming [

WTOP—California wildfire emissions equal year of power pollution. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Wildfires in California in 2018 released the rough equivalent of about 68 million tons of heat-trapping carbon dioxide — about the same amount of carbon emissions as are produced in a…