Read This Before You Decide to Work In Fashion

by Highsnobiety

Highsnobiety— Highsnobiety Q1 is the latest in a series of quarterly insight weeks dedicated to the business behind youth culture and what makes our market tick. Head over to our Insights hub to see the full series. In 1999, The New Yorker released one of its most iconic articles ever published. In “Don’t Eat Before Reading This,” the late [

The New Republic—Care Work Is Climate Work. “What is infrastructure?” Somehow, this is the question under debate right now, thanks to America’s antiquated political system, which has made it virtually impossible to pass anything that isn’t a giant omnibus bill by the slimmest of margins. That could well make the recently proposed “infrastructure bill” President Biden’s last, best chance to jam something through the budget reconciliation process. Republicans are now arguing that any proposal that isn’t only about roads and bridges isn’t...

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Entrepreneur—Working For Yourself Doesn't Mean Working Alone. A growing to-do list and the solitude of working by yourself can be overwhelming. Use these examples to keep yourself from feeling the workweek grind.