YouTube Is 15 Today: CEO Susan Wojicki On Music, YouTube TV And Removing 8.7 Million Videos In 3 Months

by Deadline

Deadline— YouTube paid out $3 billion to the music industry in 2019 from ads and subscriptions as it partners to grow revenue and promote new artists, said CEO Susan Wojicki. In a blog post celebrating the company’s 15th birthday, she laid out some achievement and aspirations. The number of YouTube creators earnings five figures annually, for [

U.S.—Joe Biden's campaign raised $8.9 million in January, ended month with $7.1 million cash. Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden raised $8.9 million in January, ending the month with $7.1 million in cash, an improvement after he struggled at times last year to raise money.

Engadget—Flipboard TV is a video news service that costs $3 a month. Flipboard is launching a new subscription video service called Flipboard TV. When it becomes available on March 6th, it will allow you to watch short-form news videos directly within the company's mobile app for $3 per month.

VG247—Red Dead Redemption 2 has shipped over 29 million units, Borderlands 3 nearly 8 million. Red Dead Redemption 2 sales are up since releasing on PC, and Borderlands 3 sales have climbed since November. During its Q3 call to investors overnight, Take-Two announced new shipped figures for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Borderlands 3. In November, it was reported Red Dead Redemption 2 had shipped 26. 5 million units. Since [