What Else Is There to Say About Climate Change?

by kottke.org

kottke.org— Sarah Miller, author of this 2019 article on Miami real estate & rising oceans, recently wrote this resonant piece, All The Right Words On Climate Have Already Been Said. I told her I didn’t have anything to say about climate change anymore, other than that I was not doing well, that I was miserable. “I am so unhappy right now.” I said those words. So unhappy. Fire season was not only already here, I said, but it was going to go on for at least four more months, and I didn’t know what I was...

Mail Online—Don't rinse plates before putting them in the dishwasher, says climate change spokeswoman. Allegra Stratton says many British households are already taking the 'micro-steps' in order to be environmentally friendly.

NPR.org—Climate Change Health Scholar Says Heat Wave Deaths Are Preventable. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with University of Washington professor Kristie Ebi about the mounting death toll from recent heat waves across the Pacific Northwest.

The Independent—Climate change should be treated as emergency like Covid pandemic, study says. Researchers highlight need to integrate recovery from coronavirus with environmental action