Watch Seth Meyers Make the Case for Donald Trump's "Linguistic Genius"

by— Credit where credit is due: Listening to Donald Trump say a sentence is never a dull experience. "Trump doesn't make errors—he makes discoveries," Meyers argues.—Seth Meyers Makes The Case For Donald Trump To Be Called A Linguistic Genius. "Trump doesn’t make errors. He makes discoveries."—Watch Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani Make Fun of Themselves on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Meyers brings up old footage of an interview of Trump criticizing Obama for the same things he does as president today.—Seth Meyers: ‘It turns out Donald Trump’s mouth was the smoking gun this whole time’. “Late Night” host Seth Meyers tried to help President Donald Trump out a little during his “closer look,” segment of his Wednesday show. After watching multiple clips of the president ranting about how “perfect” his call with Ukraine was that started the Ukraine scandal, Meyers explained why promoting himself so much makes him look worse. [