Thinking About Pandemic Risk: “All Our Behavior Adds Up”

by— This short article by Dr. Aaron Carroll about Covid-19 and risk is excellent. I want to quote the entire thing here, punctuated only by increasingly emphatic YESes and THISes, but I will refrain. Somewhat. Too many view protective measures as all or nothing: Either we do everything, or we might as well do none. That’s wrong. Instead, we need to see that all our behavior adds up. Each decision we make to reduce risk helps. Each time we wear a mask, we’re throwing some safety on the pile. Each...—Grief and Witness in a Pandemic Ravaged Country. For Vanity Fair, novelist Jesmyn Ward writes about losing her husband just before the pandemic descended on America. She begins: My Beloved died in January. He was a foot taller than me and had large, beautiful dark eyes and dexterous, kind hands. He fixed me breakfast and pots of loose-leaf tea every morning. He cried at both of our children’s births, silently, tears glazing his face. Before I drove our children to school in the pale dawn light, he would put both hands on the top of his head...—Europe's biggest brothels has gone broke amid the coronavirus pandemic, media report.. One of Europe's biggest brothels has gone broke amid the coronavirus pandemic, media report. It is one of many German companies headed for bankruptcy as a result of the crisis, experts say.—Poverty in Brazil nearing historic low after it handed out massive amount of cash to people amid pandemic — 66 million of the neediest Brazilians got $110 in monthly aid. To continue, please click the box below to let us know you're not a robot.