Therapy and the Attachment Dynamics of Good Parenting

by— This piece by Elitsa Dermendzhiyska about how and why psychotherapy works, the effectiveness of the bond between therapists and their patients, and attachment theory is interesting throughout but a bit tough to summarize. Let’s start here, with the idea that therapy provides the opportunity of a do-over in the building your emotional self that mirrors what happens, ideally, in early life between a loving, supportive caregiver and a child. All of this suggests a tantalising alternative to both...—Afghan girl kills Taliban militants with AK-47 after they murder her parents. Disallowed Key Characters.amp;utm_medium—UK leader promises conversion therapy ban as Israel moves forward with its own bill. Conservative U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to ban conversion therapy, calling the practice “absolutely abhorrent,” while Israel’s legislature has moved forward with a ban. Johnson said that the [