Westside Trailer: It’s a Reality Show, It’s a Musical, It’s a Musical and a Reality Show

by Vulture

Vulture— Why bother making a show about fictional characters who come to Los Angeles trying to make it and sing a lot when you can just find those people in real life (take that, La La Land!). Netflix’s new reality show Westside follows nine musicians in Los Angeles, intercutting documentary scenes ... More

TV Club—Rick And Morty’s 5 best musical moments, as ranked by the show’s composer. As Rick And Morty’s sole composer, Ryan Elder has been responsible for the show’s most iconic and moving musical moments. Because we’re huge fans of his, Elder invited us over to his L.A. studio to talk about his personal favorite musical moments from the show’s history. Read more...

TV Club—Homecoming’s music supervisor on the show’s score of scores: “It was unlike anything I’ve ever done before”. Homecoming, Amazon’s new drama, is notable for being the first TV show to be adapted from a scripted podcast. But once you settle in to watch the show itself, you’re hit with the score: mostly creeping, paranoid songs lifted from the scores of ’70s thrillers like The Conversation and The Parallax View; orchestral arrangements recognizable from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Barry Lyndon; and eerie John Carpenter synth that should feel out of place but doesn’t.

thenewstribune—Oklahoma man’s radio show highlights music. Chuck Berry's guitar riffs hit the airwaves, the phone lines open, three overhead lights shine down on the microphone and Tom Dirato's voice once again kicks off another edition of … Click to Continue