Stranger Things Season 4 Promo Reveals HUGE Spoiler

by— SPOILER ALERT: The teaser featured on this page gives viewers a hint about something on the horizon for Stranger Things Season 4. And it's not exactly a small hint, either. It's sort of the biggest hint possible in regard to this beloved Netflix series. The sneak peek is titled "From Russia with love" and it opens with a sweeping look at some rather horrible conditions. We're in the mountains. It's snowing. It's freezing. Russian soldiers are walking around with guns -- and a number...

International Business Times UK—'Stranger Things' Season 4 spoilers: Is Hopper brainwashed?. Fans believe that Chief Jim Hopper has been brainwashed by the Russians while under captivity.

International Business Times UK—'Stranger Things' Season 4 to reveal origin of The Upside Down. The Duffer Brothers said that "Stranger Things" Season 4 will get down to the bottom of everything about The Upside Down.—‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 spoilers: Star says your theories are ‘very close’. Production on Stranger Things Season 4 has finally begun. Our first glimpse at Season 4 was brief, but it does confirm that Hopper is aliveand well, but stuck in Russia. While Netflix boldly revealed the identity of “the American” in advance, effectively cutting short any and all speculation on the subject, Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp [