Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Will Make You the Star of Your Own Star Wars Adventure

by— The new addition to Disney's theme parks will let you see Star Wars like never before.

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Collider—Opening Dates Announced for ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’. As I’ve said before, if you want to go to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you may as well get in line right now. The highly anticipated theme park is one of the biggest parks Disney has ever done, an attempt to make an immersive Star Wars experience for attendees. This is a Star Wars nerd’s dream come true, and it’s also one of the reasons Disney shelled out big bucks for Lucasfilm in the first place. Yes, creating new Star Wars movies is all well and good, but when you’re Disney and you’ve also—A personalized lightsaber? Yes, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will have that (and more). Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge may help visitors escape to a galaxy far, far away, but don’t forget, this is still Disney. And Disney still wants to sell you something. The Orlando Sentinel was one of a few media outlets that Disney leaders gave a preview of the merchandise to. The media outlets saw