'Star Wars: A New Hope' re-created from derivative footage

by Boing Boing

Boing Boing— A YouTuber asked themself "If every copy of Star Wars was destroyed, could we recreate A New Hope from non-Lucasfilm projects?" The answer is clearly yes.

Business Insider—Every Star Wars movie and show you can stream on Disney Plus — from 'A New Hope' to 'Visions'. Disney Plus includes every major Star Wars movie, along with exclusive series like "The Mandalorian" and new shows like "The Bad Batch" and "Visions."

Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism—The GOP's new culture war won't lose it many friends — but it will create a lot of new enemies. For today's edition of the Editorial Board, I have at the ready a tall pitcher of ice-cold water. I'm going to pour it all over a sizzling hot take I saw in the wake of the new law virtually outlawing all abortion in Texas, a law that's going to be copy-catted by other GOP-controlled states. The hot take was summed up on Friday by Will Wilkinson. "Roe makes the GOP safe for moderately conservative white women they're already losing in droves," Wilkinson said. "Expressive, grandstanding...

Boing Boing—Trailer for the new Star Wars arena combat video game. Squad based multiplayer arena battles in the Star Wars universe? Here comes Star Wars: Hunters. Set after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Star Wars: Hunters will bring players together in thrilling, team-based multiplayer battles. Select from a diverse cast of new characters, including daring Bounty Hunters, heroes of the Rebellion and Imperial stormtroopers. — Read the rest