Obituary: Mother's COVID-19 death could have been prevented if more people were vaccinated


WCVB— "She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life," the obituary says.

the Guardian—Fully vaccinated people account for 1.2% of England’s Covid-19 deaths. ONS figures show 51,281 Covid deaths between January and July, with 458 dying at least 21 days after second doseCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coveragePeople who were fully vaccinated accounted for just 1.2% of all deaths involving Covid-19 in England in the first seven months of this year. The figures, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), have been seized on as proof of the success of the vaccine programme. Continue reading—Should I worry about injury from repeated COVID-19 swab testing? I got the J&J vaccine. What’s next as far as booster shots and mixing and matching vaccines? More COVID-19 questions answered.. Five things Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients should know and a doctor weighs in on potential injury from repeated COVID-19 swab tests.—: Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine created more antibodies than Pfizer/BioNTech’s in study of vaccinated Belgian health-care workers. The study involving 2,499 Belgian health-care workers who were vaccinated with two doses of either company's vaccine was published on Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.