Kristina Rihanoff sheds light on the abuse she was bombarded with at the start of Ben Cohen romance

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Strictly pro Kristina Rihanoff has opened up about the 'challenges' she faced when she and Ben Cohen first got together.—Record breaking observations at a depth of 172 metres shed light on how hard coral survives without light. In shallow water, less than 30 meters, the survival of hard corals depends on photosynthetic unicellular algae (zooxanthellae) living in their tissues. But how does the coral adapt at depth when the light disappears? French researchers from the CNRS, EPHE-PSL and their international collaborators, associated with Under the Pole (Expedition III), have studied for the first time the distribution of these so-called mesophotic corals in the French Polynesian archipelago, from the surface to 120...—Lasting romance starts with close friendship. For a romance to last, the partners should start as close friends.—Researcher sheds new light on the psychology of radicalization. Learning more about what motivates people to join violent ideological groups and engage in acts of cruelty against others is of great social and societal importance. New research from Assistant Professor of Psychology at NYUAD Jocelyn Bélanger explores the idea of ideological obsession as a form of addictive behavior that is central to understanding why people ultimately engage in ideological violence, and how best to help them break this addiction.