Just Run in the Republican Primary, Dude!

by The Slot

The Slot— Michael “Stop-and-Frisk” Bloomberg, who ran for mayor of New York City as a Republican and is now spending hundreds of millions of his own dollars in an effort to buy the Democratic presidential nomination, happily destroying any remaining pretense that we live in a democracy, has said that he cast his hat into the ring for one reason, and one reason only: “Let me be clear about why I am in this race. I am running to defeat Donald Trump.”

www.nydailynews.com—Trump claims 'record-setting’ win with just 86% in one-sided New Hampshire Republican primary. Less than 86% doesn’t sound much like the most popular Republican president ever. President Trump wasted no time claiming a “record-setting” win in New Hampshire and asserted he would win the state in November. “Fake News

www.dailykos.com—Swamp creature vs. Romney Republican: Georgia Republican Senate primary divides the party. Georgia has two U.S. Senate elections in November—and three serious Republican candidates, leading to some angst for their party. Sen. David Perdue is running for re-election, while appointed Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Rep. Doug Collins will be facing off in a special election. The big concern for Republicans is that the special election won’t have primaries. All of the candidates will compete in November, and if no one gets more than 50% of the vote, the election will go to a runoff in January,...

The Washington Times—Virginia Republican announces gubernatorial run. RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A Virginia Republican state senator says she's running for governor next year as an unabashed conservative whose top priority will be to promote gun rights. Sen. Amanda Chase announced her candidacy Monday to a crowd of about 100 outside the Capitol on Monday, saying voters