How to Kick Your Phone Addiction Using Stop-Smoking Techniques

by— I don’t know if you’ve been listening lately, but yesterday’s episode of Kottke Ride Home was a particularly good one. I was amused by the jetpack story (as well as Casey Niestat’s denial) and the idea that there’s a 50/50 chance we’re all living in a simulation is right up my alley. But I was most interested in the segment on how we can curtail our phone usage using proven techniques learned from people who have successfully quit smoking (aka the thing that people did with their hands when...—Gay state senator in New Mexico flees home after threatening phone calls. Jacob Candelaria, an openly-gay, New Mexico state senator living in Albuquerque, has fled the city, along with his husband, after receiving hate-filled voice messages threatening to get him out, “one [—Watch Amy Coney Barrett get schooled for using “offensive and outdated” term for LGBTQ people. During her confirmation hearing yesterday, SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett implied that being gay is a choice when she repeatedly used the antiquated term “sexual preference” to dodge questions about [