How Nadia Bartel's snorting scandal could BOOST her brand

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Celebrity publicist Max Markson has sensationally claimed Nadia Bartel's snorting scandal won't have 'much effect' on her popularity, and even thinks she could come out 'better off' in the long run.

Mail Online—Vitamin brand hints they've dropped Nadia Bartel as an influencer amid WAG's snorting scandal. Nadia Bartel has been dumped by a vitamin brand for 'not sharing its values'.

Mail Online—How Nadia Bartel can save her brand after her 'cocaine' scandal. Speaking on 3AW's Ross and Russel, journalist Peter Ford said Nadia, 36, had to do a lot more than just issue a grovelling apology on Instagram

Mail Online—The WAGs who stuck by Nadia Bartel in the wake of her snorting scandal. They're the A-list footy WAGs who once partied together on the ultimate girls trip to Coachella, but when times get tough it's clear which friendships are the real deal.