How Daft Punk chopped and flipped a disco sample to create "One More Time"

by Boing Boing

Boing Boing— They make the magic seem so easy. Above, a breakdown of how Daft Punk (RIP) chopped and flipped a few seconds sampled from Eddie Johns's obscure 1979 disco track "More Spell On You" (below) to build the foundation of "One More Time." — Read the rest—Daft Punk Is Breaking Up, to Which We Plead, ‘One More Time’. The French electronic duo announced the news with an eight-minute clip from Electroma.—Daft Punk Gave Us More Than Enough Time. They’re superstars you might not notice in a supermarket. They’re potential retirees in their mid-40s. They played a good game.

the Guardian—When Daft Punk went to Wee Waa: an ode to the strangest album launch of all time. The tiny Australian town was surprised but got into the spirit, selling daft pork sausages and random access rissoles while celebrating a dusty agricultural show it will never forget In April 2013 word got out that Daft Punk planned to launch their album Random Access Memories from a regional Australian town barely anyone had heard of. Dubbed the “cotton capital” of Australia, the small town (population 2,000) with the evocative name of Wee Waa in the Narrabri shire of New South Wales was not...