Even with Delta Variant, the Amazing Vaccines Are Saving Lives

by kottke.org

kottke.org— It may seem like sometimes that with the pandemic, we’re back to square one. With the much more contagious Delta variant in play and an increasing number of breakthrough infections, the efficacy of these vaccines that we thought were amazing maybe aren’t? (Or maybe we just need to readjust our expectations?) But in terms of what these vaccines were specifically developed for — reducing & preventing severe disease and death — they are still very much doing their job. Just take a look at this...

Business Insider—Even with the Delta variant, the ability of COVID-19 vaccines to prevent hospitalization hasn't significantly dropped, CDC scientist says. Since the Delta variant appeared, vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization ranged from 75% to 95%, Dr. Sara Oliver said.

CNBC—Live Nation president says audiences are eagerly returning to live shows, even with Covid vaccine policies. Live Nation's Joe Berchtold said 2022 "will be bigger than 2019 was," noting that the company's concert pipeline is up double digits from two years ago.

@AmericanThinker—Are the vaccines driving the Delta Variant?. I propose a hypothesis about the correlations among the trends of recent COVID infection rate, the change of COVID virus variants, and the mass vaccination campaign. According to Geert Vanden Bossche’s opinion, “Deployment of current Covi