Do Kids Today Still Like Mister Rogers?

by— Fred Rogers and his Neighborhood may seem to belong to a bygone age of slow children’s media, but when Mary Pflum Peterson introduced the show to her four children, she found that they engaged with the show like kids back in the 70s and 80s did. I asked my youngest two, as they obsessed over the fish, what was it about the show that appealed to them. After a beat, they gave me that look that parents will readily recognize, the one that best translates to “Isn’t it obvious?” “He likes kids,...

Washington Post—Tom Hanks just learned he’s related to Mister Rogers, days before his Mister Rogers movie opens. Thanks to researchers at, the movie star learned that they're sixth cousins.

Washington Post—What happened when I showed vintage Mister Rogers to my 21st-century kids. My children started to watch Mister Rogers' Neighborhood with me, and what they loved about it showed me what they really need.—'Beautiful Day' Director On Mister Rogers' 'Radical Notion': Telling Kids The Truth. Marielle Heller's film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood centers on Fred Rogers' unlikely friendship with a cynical journalist. Originally broadcast Nov. 20, 2019.