Disney is being sued over 'Frozen 2' 'monopoly' in South Korea

by International Business Times UK

International Business Times UK— Walt Disney Company is facing legal ramifications for showing "Frozen 2" to 88 percent of theatres in South Korea.

The Telegraph—Disney sued over Frozen 2's 'monopoly' after it was shown in 90% of South Korean cinema screens. The first instalment was the highest-grossing animated film of all time, taking $1.

The Hollywood Reporter—Disney Hit With Anti-Trust Complaint in South Korea Over 'Frozen 2' "Monopoly". An NGO based in Seoul has alleged that the film occupied 88 percent of local screens on its opening day, violating Korea's anti-monopoly laws. The inquiry into the Disney release is expected to further inflame the debate over major studio dominance of the country's film market.

Fortune—In South Korean Anti-Trust Complaint Over 'Frozen 2,' Disney Faces More Allegations of Monopolistic Behavior. A Seoul-based NGO alleges that Disney's "Frozen 2" occupied 88% of screens on its opening day.