Deshayla Harris, Former Bad Girls Club Star, Shot Dead at 29

by— Deshayla Harris, a cast member on the final season of Bad Girls Club, has been confirmed as as one of two victims killed in a trio of shootings in Virginia Beach on Friday. She was 29 years old. According to a state released yesterday by local authorities, Harris is believed to have been a "bystander at the second" incident. The shooting remains under investigation -- and is not believed to have been connected with the other shooting incidents on Friday. No arrests have been made in...

Deadline—Deshayla Harris Dies: ‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Was 29. Reality star Deshayla Harris died on Friday in a Virginia Beach shooting, the Virginia Beach Police Department confirmed today. The Bad Girls Club alum was 29. Harris was one of two individuals who passed away, in the aftermath of three separate shootings on the night of March 26. The other victim was 25-year-old Donovan Lynch. While [

The Independent—Deshayla Harris death: Bad Girls Club star killed in Virginia Beach shooting, aged 29. Series of shootings took place in the area on Friday 26 March

Breitbart—'Bad Girls Club' Star Deshayla Harris Killed in Virginia Beach Shootings. Bad Girls Club star Deshayla Harris has been identified as one of the victims killed during several shootings that took place Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Friday.