Clint Eastwood Signals the End, Says It's 'Too Late' to 'Age Gracefully' Anymore

by MSN

MSN— He's been a high plains drifter, a pale rider, one dirty Harry, he escaped from Alcatraz, trained high-level marines and told an orangutan to give "right turns" to a stalking biker gang.

Mail Online—The Femail face-off: Is it sexist to say women should age gracefully?. London-based writer Melanie McDonagh and Daily Mail columnist Bel Mooney share whether they think it is sexist to say women should age gracefully.

Chicago Sun-Times—As U.S. formally ends Afghanistan war, vets ask, ‘What have we ended up with at the end of it?’. Former Army Capt. Andrew Brennan, holding servicemen bracelets, lost one of his closest friends in the single deadliest day for U.S. troops during the now-ending war with Afghanistan. | Julio Cortez / AP Here’s what some U.S. veterans of the war say as the United States withdraws after nearly 20 years in Afghanistan. Images of the World Trade Center towers collapsing in New York were still fresh in the minds of the first American troops arriving in Afghanistan, as the United States...—Lorde Graces the Triumphant Return of Late Night’s Day Drinking. Lorde’s drink of choice? Martini with a twist.