Clarice amps up the momentum in an exciting but messy confrontation with a villain

by The A.V. Club

The A.V. Club— “Achilles Heel” feels like the television-episode equivalent of someone racing to get out the door: It tosses in a bunch of stuff into its bag, hustling all the while, thereby creating a sense of anxious exhilaration—only to finally take a breath, look down, and realize that half of what’s packed doesn’t really make

The A.V. Club—Clarice Starling's past and present all fall apart at once as Clarice nears its finale. Wow. Clarice has always been a messy program (we said so right there in the headline of last week’s review), but as the series accelerates toward next week’s season finale, it’s really started letting the seams show. This heightened momentum and rushed sense of structure isn’t without its pleasures—bye, Joe Hudlin,

Coin Journal—Amp (AMP) Sees Gains of 21% in 24 Hours – Where Can You Buy it?. Having seen a volume rise of almost 1,500%, AMP is being looked at by a lot of traders right now, but is it time to buy?

TheHill—Biden prepares to confront Putin. President Biden's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva this week marks the latest chapter in a highly adversarial relationship.Biden has always been blunt in his assessments of Putin, telling the