An environmentally friendly lithium mine in the disastrous Salton Sea

by Boing Boing

Boing Boing— It sounds more like the beginning of an apocryphal prophecy, but it appears humanity has discovered a way to extract lithium from below California's thickening pool of toxicity, the Salton Sea, in a manner that will leave things 'cleaner' than when the extraction began. — Read the rest

The Independent—All the environmentally-friendly things the Queen does. From abandoning fur to travelling in electric cars, how does the monarch try to live in a more eco-friendly way?—Warning over start of commercial-scale deep-sea mining. Deep-sea mining in international waters could begin in two years—but researchers say this is unnecessary and could cause irreversible damage to marine ecosystems.

The Independent—Judge allows Nevada tribes to join fight over lithium mine. A judge has cleared the way for two tribes to join a legal battle over plans to build a mine in Nevada at the largest known U.S. deposit of lithium