Abbie Chatfield reveals the next step in her relationship with beau Konrad Bien-Stephens

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Abbie Chatfield spoke about her blossoming romance with Bachelorette star Konrad Bien-Stephens in an interview this weekend.

Mail Online—Abbie Chatfield reveals her crude nickname for boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephens. On Wednesday, Abbie Chatfield went into graphic detail about her sex life with Konrad Bien-Stephens before unveiling the crude nickname she's given him due to his bedroom prowess.

Mail Online—Abbie Chatfield strips down at the beach with boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephens. The former Bachelor contestant-turned-radio presenter, 26, was all smiles as she relaxed on the sand after a refreshing dip in the ocean

Mail Online—Abbie Chatfield blasts boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephens for not wearing sunscreen. In a video shared to Instagram Stories, Abbie, 26, furiously rubbed lotion on the back of Konrad, 31.