A new Gossip Girl introduces new rules, new rivalries, and new potential

by The A.V. Club

The A.V. Club— HBO Max’s Gossip Girl touts itself as for a new, younger audience, as the glamorous teen soap for this Zoomer generation like the original was for millennials. While the original faced off against series inspired by its gloss, this version is going head-to-head with prestige cable teen dramas like Euphoria and

Mashable—The new 'Gossip Girl' is too cold to be cool. Someone once said that the reason so many classic stories center on wealthy characters is because the rich show us how humanity behaves when all of our basic motivations are abundantly met. Freed from the struggle of obtaining food, shelter, water, and any of the other things humans may act desperately to obtain, the lifestyles of the rich and famous become a fascinating literary backdrop upon which the alleged truths of human nature are projected. The original Gossip Girl on The CW covered the...

E! Online—Everything to Know About the New Gossip Girl. Ready to head back to Constance Billard? A new generation of wealthy, privileged Upper East Siders are about to meet their match on the new Gossip Girl, which debuts this week on HBO

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