21 More Hilarious "Baby Yoda" Tweets Because He Is The Best Thing About "The Mandalorian"

by BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed— "She’s posted 5 pictures of Baby Yoda and 0 pictures of you. You’ve been together for 6 months." View Entire Post ›

CNET—Baby Yoda Mandalorian merch is here, but better stuff best be coming. Will The Child from Disney Plus series be the Cabbage Patch Kid of Christmas 2019?

Mail Online—The Mandalorian and 'baby Yoda' surpasses Stranger Things as most in-demand streaming series. The new Disney Plus series The Mandalorian has knocked off streaming leader Stranger Things.

Mashable—Baby Yoda and Mando fight over the radio station in hilariously remixed 'Mandalorian' scene. Just let Baby Yoda pick the damn radio station.  Who wouldn't want to blast Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz's "Get Low" while zipping through space? It's a nice distraction from the constant threat of bounty hunters trying to Jedi-nap (Yoda-nap?) the galaxy's cutest soup-slurping alien toddler.  Twitter user @xoGlitterTV reimagines the button-pushing struggle between Mando and his adorably irritating travel companion from episode 4 of The Mandalorian with a clever replacement of the audio....