18 Details You Missed In "Get Out" That'll Make You Want To Rewatch ASAP

by BuzzFeed

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www.rawstory.com—Trump doesn’t want to make America great — he wants America to make him feel great: conservative columnist. Writing in The Bulwark this Thursday, conservative columnist Windsor Mann contends that Donald Trump views the presidency as simply a way to stay on TV. “President Trump craves attention and approval more than anything,” Mann writes. “Being on The Apprentice, Trump told Playboy in 2004, was ‘like being a rock star. Six people do nothing but sort my mail. [

The Independent—This chilling Aquaman theory might make you want to rewatch the film. Film's final shot will be forever changed

the Guardian—‘I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it’: how it feels to make a TV flop. For every Game Of Thrones, there’s a Marco Polo. What are the human costs of a show that disappears without trace? John Fusco has been writing scripts for 34 years. In that time, he’s seen his work brought to life by stars including Jackie Chan and Woody Harrelson. As a producer, he has worked with blockbuster budgets totalling tens of millions of dollars, and his Kevin Costner-fronted Bonnie and Clyde drama, The Highwaymen, was one of Netflix’s top 10 most-watched original shows last year. But...