• Black women are the fastest growing group of gun owners. This instructor has taught 2,000 students how to safely bear arms.

    During the pandemic, gun and ammunition sales spiked dramatically in the United States — particularly among Black women, who have become the fastest growing group of gun owners in the country. “In 2021, we were just coming outta COVID and violence was at an all-time high, riots were at an all-time high and human trafficking is at an all-time high,” licensed gun instructor Robin Evans tells Yahoo Life as a way to explain the rise. “So at that moment, I feel like there was a huge shift in Black...

  • Today's Toons 10/7/22

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  • Another busload of migrants dropped off near VP Harris' official residence

    Another bus carrying migrants arrived Thursday morning near Vice President Kamala Harris' official residence in Washington, D.C., the same day that two other buses with migrants arrived in New York City. About 50 men, women and children were dropped off at Harris' house, the second such drop-off this week at the Naval Observatory, according to NBC Washington. Volunteers responded to help the migrants, many of whom are expected to travel out of the District of Columbia, according to NBC. Migrants...

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  • Jeb Bush: Ben Sasse is brilliant, a consensus builder and will be a great leader of a great University

    Ben Sasse is brilliant, a consensus builder and will be a great leader of a great University. Ben and family, welcome to Florida! https://t.co/FMlssqdT9q— Jeb Bush (@JebBush) October 6, 2022

  • Great Young Aussie Guy Speaks Up For Freedom Against Socialist Left Police State

    Street artist LushSux became famous for his portrait of Hillary Clinton in a bikini around the corner from my place in Melbourne. Today in front of a wonderful LushSux portrait of Julian Assange in a back alley in Melbourne, I filmed young freedom activist Javin call on others to join him in the fight against the Socialist left tyranny spreading from the State of Victoria to engulf the whole of Australia. God Bless Freedom. God Bless Javin. Please pray for us.

  • The Ragtag Army That Won the Battle of Kyiv and Saved Ukraine

    KYIV, Ukraine—Outside the Giraffe shopping mall on the western edge of Ukraine’s capital, a group of locals prepared to meet the Russian armored column thundering their way. It was late February, and the Russians, from an elite airborne unit, were riding atop their vehicles, as if expecting a warm greeting. One wore a Cossack woolen hat instead of a helmet. Another hadn’t loaded his rifle. The few dozen Ukrainians from the towns of Irpin and Bucha had other intentions, which they had written on...

  • Manchukuo, puppet state created by Japan in China [1932]

    Manchukuo, Chinese Manzhouguo, puppet state created in 1932 by Japan out of the three historic provinces of Manchuria (northeastern China). After the Russo-Japanese War (1904–05), Japan gained control of the Russian-built South Manchurian Railway, and its army established a presence in the region; expansion there was seen as necessary for Japan’s status as an emerging world power. In 1931 the Japanese army created an excuse to attack Chinese troops there, and in 1932 Manchukuo was proclaimed an...

  • No Time (Remastered)

    Provided to YouTube by Buddha Records No Time (Remastered) · The Guess Who

  • Were the English Sweating Sickness and the Picardy Sweat Caused by Hantaviruses?

    Abstract: The English sweating sickness caused five devastating epidemics between 1485 and 1551, England was hit hardest, but on one occasion also mainland Europe, with mortality rates between 30% and 50%. The Picardy sweat emerged about 150 years after the English sweat disappeared, in 1718, in France. It caused 196 localized outbreaks and apparently in its turn disappeared in 1861. Both diseases have been the subject of numerous attempts to define their origin, but so far all efforts were in...

  • Las Vegas: Two dead, six wounded in stabbing spree

    At least two people were killed and six wounded after a series of stabbings in front of a casino in Las Vegas on Thursday, officials with the police department said, according to CNN. “The initial stabbing occurs on the sidewalk area. It appears unprovoked. There is no altercation beforehand,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief James LaRochelle said. “That stabbing occurs quickly, and then the suspect subsequently goes southbound on the sidewalk area and stabs additional...

  • Hope Scholarship declared constitutional by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

    CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia has ruled in a three-to-two vote that the is constitutional, according to West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. Morrisey announced this afternoon, Oct. 6, 2022, that the court reversed the decision handed down by a Kanawha County Circuit Court judge that blocked the Hope Scholarship. West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore says the Hope Scholarship program will be up and running again “effective immediately.” “I...