• Nxivm A 'Wonderful Humanitarian Organization,' Definitely Not Sex Cult, Leader Says

    Nxivm, the purported "self-help" group whose leaders branded members and subjected them to forced sex acts, has been widely misunderstood, according to its leader. It's not a sex cult, as repeatedly alleged; rather, it's a "wonderful humanitarian organization," the "polar opposite of an organized crime family." [ more › ]

  • Bushwick Sidewalk Or Life-Size Chess Board?

    Have you heard about this sidewalk? No, I don't expect you have—it's just another stretch of Brooklyn sidewalk, after all, just another drop in Bushwick's street art bucket. Just a bunch of black and white squares sprawling across the patch of pavement outside a fancy new apartment building going up at 205 Central Avenue! But oh boy, this particular piece of concrete, and its whimsical checkerboard pattern, really proved polarizing today. [ more › ]

  • At The Office, At Home, Back In The Classroom

    We caught up with Saheli Kar, a professional data analyst, whose rich background in computer science and engineering, and work as a software engineer primed her for the MS in Data Science virtual classroom experience at CUNY SPS. It’s the online program designed to fit the hectic, multifaceted life of folks like us in New York City. [Sponsor] [ more › ]