• Republican-Led Committee Targets COVID Relief Aid For Review

    WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans on Wednesday began their promised aggressive oversight of the Biden administration, focusing on what watchdogs described as “indications of widespread fraud” in federal coronavirus aid programs initiated under President Donald Trump. GOP lawmakers complained that too little attention was paid to the problems when Democrats controlled Congress. Democrats blamed the […]

  • Fed Lifts Rate By Quarter-Point And Signals More Hikes Ahead

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve extended its fight against high inflation Wednesday by raising its key interest rate by a quarter-point, its eighth hike since March. And the Fed signaled that even though inflation is easing, it remains high enough to require further rate hikes. Join our WhatsApp group Though smaller than its previous

  • Harav Hagaon Ruven Feinstein Shlita, Son Of Harav Hagaon Moshe Feinstein Zt"l, Visiting And Davening At The Kotel (SEE THE VIDEO)

    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — On Sunday, HaRav Hagaon Sholom Reuven Feinstein visited the New excavations of the Western Wall Tunnels. Rav Feinstein reacted to his visit, saying “Basically what we saw was the history of Yerushalayim, going back, but showing that it was the Yidden who were involved with Yerushalayim from the beginning until now. They […]

  • Passengers Disarm Gunman Who Killed DC Employee, Shot Others

    WASHINGTON (AP) — An armed man shot three people, killing one, in a Wednesday morning rampage in the nation’s capital that started on a city bus and ended in a Metro tunnel after passengers attacked and disarmed him. Authorities were still piecing together the chaotic series of events that left two people with gunshot wounds […]

  • Mrs. Rochel Gettinger ז"ל

    Family getting up: Thursday (2/02/23)Morning R’ Refuel Moshe GettingerSon R’ Yisroel GettingerSon Sitting in Chicago at 3100 N Shore Mrs. Sara UngerDaughter Sitting in Chicago at 3100 N Shore

  • What Is Hindenburg Research, Firm Accusing Adani Of Fraud?

    NEW YORK (AP) — Hindenburg Research, the financial research firm with an explosive name and a track record of sending the stock prices of its targets tumbling, is taking on one of the world’s richest men. Hindenburg is back in the headlines after last week accusing Indian conglomerate Adani Group of “a brazen stock manipulation […]

  • R’ Yosef Hiemfeld ז”ל

    Family getting up: Monday (2/06/23)Morning R’ Hershel HeimfeldBrother R’ Moshe HeimfeldBrother Mrs. Esty LesinSister Mrs. Malky FischSister Mrs. Pessy SteinmetzSister Mrs. Raizy HeimfeldWife R’ Shulem HeimfeldSon R’ Dovid HeimfeldSon R’ Nachman Hersh HeimfeldSon R’ Bentzion HeimfeldSon R’ Betzalel HeimfeldSon R’ Mordechai HeiimfeldSon Mrs. Chaya Esty KesslerDaughter Mrs. Sara Matty BochnerDaughter Mrs. Malka Ruchelle LesserDaughter Mrs. […]

  • Mrs. Barbara Steen Tang ע”ה Blima Bas Zev Shlomo

    Family getting up: Shacharis: 7:00 amMincha: 1:30 pmMaariv: 9:00 pm Dr. Frank SteenBrother

  • Erdogan: Sweden Can't Join NATO If Quran-Burning Is Allowed

    ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaffirmed Wednesday that Turkey won’t allow Sweden to join the NATO military alliance as long as it permits protests desecrating Islam’s holy book to take place. Turkey, which has been holding off approving Sweden and Finland’s membership in the Western military alliance, has been infuriated by […]

  • Rabbi Bernard Klein ז”ל

    Family getting up: Tuesday (2/07/23)Morning R’ David KleinSon

  • CHILLING: Two Eliyahu Mizrachis Ran To Help Exactly 75 Years Apart- And Were Gunned Down

    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — On a frosty night in 1948, 35 fighters set out from Hartuv, a small village near what would later become Beit Shemesh, on their way to help the beleaguered Gush Etzion communities. The heavily armed men hoped to reach the Gush, a distance of some 30 kilometers away, by daybreak. However as […]

  • Israeli Tech Unicorn Tom Livne : 'I'm Leaving The Country, Stopping Paying Taxes' Due To Judicial Reforms'

    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The planned judicial reforms in Israel are making waves in Israel’s burgeoning hi-tech industry. On Tuesday, Tom Livne, founder of one of Israel’s most successful tech unicorns, declared that he was leaving the country and ceasing to pay taxes in protest over the proposed reforms. Livne’s hybrid AI-based and human transcription and […]