• the cry from the heart of Dr. Perron, from Shawinigan

    You are browsing the TurnedNews.com website Skip to main contentGo to footerHelp with navigationStart of main content Start of content Your doctor won’t cure you : the cry from the heart of Dr. Perron, from Shawinigan 8 minute duration8 mins Dr. Sébastien Perron, a doctor from Shawinigan, published a book called “Your doctor will not […]

  • Mélanie Joly proposes a plan for Haiti at the OAS meeting

    Ms. Joly is in Peru this week for the annual general assembly of the Organization of American States, which includes most of the countries of the Americas. We need to be in crisis management modeshe said in an interview from Lima on Wednesday. There is no security in Haiti right now: gangs have taken over […]

  • The next supercontinent will be born from the disappearance of the Pacific

    Amasia’s possible appearance in 280 million years. Photo: Curin University The research team led by geophysicist Chuan Huang used a supercomputer to simulate the formation of supercontinents during the evolution of the Earth and to simulate possible scenarios for the creation of the next one.

  • Brain 'rejuvenates' after bariatric surgery, study finds

    Two years after undergoing this intervention, the brain of the patients had thus rejuvenated by more than five years. It really suggests an improvement in brain health after bariatric surgerysummarized the person in charge of this study, Andréanne Michaud, who is a professor at the School of Nutrition at Laval University and a researcher at […]

  • Cyberhacker Sébastien Vachon-Desjardins sentenced to 20 years in prison in Florida

    It is the air sheepish and dressed in an orange combination of prisoner that Sébastien Vachon-Desjardins entered the room of the federal court of Tampa. The judge began his sentencing by stating: You have one of the best lawyers in the state of Florida, but frankly, this is one of the worst cases of my […]

  • The Nobel in chemistry to an American-Danish trio, including an extremely rare double winner

    The trio is rewarded for the development of ‘click chemistry’ and bioorthogonal chemistrythe jury announced in its decision. Barry Sharpless, 81, is only the fifth person to win a Nobel twice. He had already won the chemistry prize in 2001 for his discoveries on the technique of asymmetric catalysis. The Franco-Polish Marie Curie had been […]

  • At the Kinshasa pre-COP27, the South makes itself heard

    Ministers and environmental specialists from some 60 countries concluded their discussions on Tuesday evening on the usual themes of climate negotiations: adaptation, mitigation, finance, loss and damage. There was no final statement, but that’s what these pre-COPplaces of casual discussionsrecalled Tosi Mpanu Mpanu, negotiator for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) at the United Nations […]

  • In Florida, the islanders of Pine Island are still cut off from the world

    The bridge that connected Pine Island to the mainland was destroyed. It was the only land link between the island of some 9,000 people and the rest of Florida. Since then, the islanders have been largely left to fend for themselves. No electricity, cellular network or drinking water. And a growing sense of insecurity. The […]

  • Elon Musk relaunches his plan to take over Twitter

    Twitter’s trading was suspended on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday. waiting for informationafter a Bloomberg article which revealed this new offer from the boss of Tesla. According to the economic news agency, Elon Musk sent a letter to Twitter on Monday, offering to acquire the platform for $54.20 a share, the amount he […]

  • A case that says a lot about American politics

    Herschel Walker is a former American football star, both at the collegiate and professional levels. And he’s also a longtime friend of Donald Trump. At the 2020 Republican convention, he said he perceived[il aurait] had a friendship of 37years with a racist”,”text”:”as a personal insult the fact that people think that[il aurait] had a 37-year […]

  • Pre-COP27 in Kinshasa for the big November meeting in Egypt

    For two days, this pre-COP27 brings together in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Ministers of the Environment and high-ranking specialists from some sixty countries. They discuss the usual themes of climate negotiations: adaptation, mitigation, finance, loss and damagewhile multiple bilateral meetings take place between Europeans, Africans, Asians, Americans… No formal announcement […]

  • Google abandons its translation service in China

    The Google Translate app and website now display a generic search bar for Internet users in China. Users said they had been unable to access the service since Saturday, according to posts on Chinese social media. The Google Chrome browser’s built-in translation feature no longer works either. The American giant has interrupted Google Translate in […]