• McDonald’s Might Actually Bring Back the Snack Wrap

    McDonald’s is aiming high—and straight toward the hearts of millennials. Nation’s Restaurant News reports that the company has set a goal of operating 50,000 locations by 2027, or about 10,000 more than it has today. If McDonald’s hits that deadline, it will amount to the fastest growth in the fast food chain’s entire

  • Panera Bread’s ‘Charged’ Lemonade Sparks Another Lawsuit

    After a lawsuit was filed in October alleging that Panera Bread’s Charged Lemonade beverages led to the death of a 21-year-old woman in 2022, NBC News reports that Panera has just been hit with a second lawsuit related to the energy drink.

  • Diners Might Ditch Restaurants for an Unexpected Alternative

    There’s no question that fast food, once a quick and affordable fix for one’s hunger, has now reached prices where consumers are starting to question its worth. A TikTok video from December 2022 has recently recirculated on the platform in which a customer shows the receipt for a McDonald’s meal that cost $16.10,

  • 10 Coffee Hacks to Elevate Your Next Order

    It’s comforting to have a go-to coffee order in the morning. What’s familiar means you’ll know exactly what to expect—but what if there’s more out there for your mug? For anyone wondering “what if,” here’s the good news: It doesn’t take much to step out of your coffee comfort zone. Things like a dash of cinnamon (gasp!

  • Subway Finds a New Way to Squeeze Franchisees

    As the eighth largest fast food chain in America, Subway is well known for a few things: its $5 footlong deal, whose 15-year history has been fraught with controversy, and its massive footprint. The sandwich chain has more than 20,000 U.S. locations, many of which are owned by franchisees that have the freedom to

  • These Limited-Time-Only Fast Food Items Should Be Permanent

    As they do every year, fast food chains tweaked their menus over and over again in 2023 to satisfy the evolving tastes of their customers and the demands of the market. It’s a very involved process, so rather than fully invest in new menu items on a nationwide scale before they’re proven successful, many chains choose

  • America Hates These Christmas Candies

    When new snacks come along, they have the power to change hearts and minds. Before I first tasted Hostess Kazbars, for example, I didn’t know just how badly I needed them in my life at all times. But the foods we hate? Those remain rather consistent, cemented forever in our minds as repulsive and reviled. That could

  • Mario Batali Is ‘Done’ With New York—And Conventional TV

    Mario Batali returned to the small screen this weekend—the laptop screen—in the form of an online cooking class series called Molto a Casa. But the celebrity chef, who has faced numerous legal issues throughout the past five years, has made it clear there’s one place he won’t be returning to.

  • 20 Cool Cakes to Order for Delivery This Holiday Season

    Any occasion is made special by the simple addition of cake. But have you ever tried to decorate your own boxed cake and turn it into a layered glory? It’s not as cut and dry as it you might think (no pun even intended). The best cakes are works of art that take time to imagine, mix, bake, trim, frost, and decorate;

  • TGI Fridays Debuts Massive Holiday Cocktail Menu for 2023

    Guys, let’s go get drunk at TGI Fridays. As part of a complete revamp of its beverage program that seeks to take the restaurant “back to its bar roots,” TGI Fridays has announced a brand-new Claus for Celebration holiday drinks menu featuring no fewer than 14 new seasonal cocktails. Now that’s the holiday spirit.

  • The Behind-the-Scenes Changes Coming to McDonald’s Burgers

    If you’ve ever lamented the fact that your Big Mac was dry, or the cheese wasn’t melted, or the lettuce was beyond wilted, well, McDonald’s has been keeping track of these issues, too. I’ve long since ditched Big Macs in favor of the Quarter Pounder, which improved greatly when the company switched over to fresh beef

  • The Week in Fast Food: McDonald’s New Spin-Off and Starbucks’ Slump

    This week, the fast food world saw a potential sandwich monopoly, a droop in Starbucks’ Red Cup Day giveaway, and an odd side project making headway at McDonald’s. Here’s all the biggest fast food news from November 27 to December 1, 2023.