• BTC miner Greenidge Generation is looking to raise $22.8 million

    As per recent reports, BTC miner Greenidge Generation is looking to raise $22.8 million. It is also revealed that the mining operation firm had signed a sales agreement with two prominent investment firms that is B. Riley and Northland Securities. Greenidge looks to raise millions via stock offers According to an SEC filing published last […]

  • Global Bitcoin adoption is in its infancy, but might accelerate soon

    In the past few years, bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity and got adopted by many countries worldwide. However, it is still considered that Bitcoin adoption is in its infancy, and it will take time for every country in this world to adopt it. Could every country match its gold reserve with Bitcoin? If […]

  • SEC staff reportedly unhappy with Gensler over Kim Kardashian ‘publicity stunt’

    The U.S. SEC’s authorization staff are supposedly discontent with Executive Gary Gensler over his “exposure stunt” concerning the new settlement fine paid by Kim Kardashian, Fox Business Organization’s Charles Gasparino investigated Oct. 5.   As per Gasparino, the controller’s staff griped that Gensler abused convention by involving media regard for prop his standing for the […]

  • Anchorage co-founder says there is “no clarity” on crypto regulation in the US

    Crypto regulation is still one of those areas authorities are struggling at. Crypto companies and founders in the space are calling this out and are demanding better laws. The biggest problem with these regulations is the lack of transparency. Recently, even the Anchorage co-founder said there is “no clarity” on crypto regulations with so many […]

  • EU Blocks All Russian Access to Crypto Over Ukraine Referendums

    The European Commission is planning to rebuff Russia with additional approvals over its choice to declare halfway preparation as a component of its heightening military mediation in Ukraine and moves to add-on involved Ukrainian domains through what are viewed as farce mandates.   The bundle will hit exchange the primary spot, with European Commission President […]

  • EU lawmakers plan blockchain use to fight tax evasion

    Crypto taxation is still a major concern for lawmakers and authorities all over the world. And for EU lawmakers, things are no different as they plan to use blockchain to fight tax evasion in the country. Many members of the parliament have called for an “effective taxation” regime which was also approved by a majority […]

  • Namibia’s central bank says Bitcoin can be accepted as payment

    The Bank of Namibia (BON) has expressed that while digital currencies have no legitimate delicate status in the country, it has now brought “virtual resources (VA) and virtual resources specialist co-ops (VASP) under its Fintech Developments Administrative Structure in a staged methodology, through its development center.” The national bank added it is likewise considering changing […]

  • World Bank cut India's projected growth rate from 7.5% to 6.5%.

    High inflation rates and crisis in the global supply chain is going to affect economic growth of India as World Bank on Thursday slashed down growth rate forecast for India from 7.5 percent to 6.5 percent. Indian economy which was severely impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic and resultant lockdown bounced back in 2021 by growing […]

  • Colorado is accepting crypto for tax payments — it could be a mess or a shining example

    Colorado is accepting crypto as installment for any charges owed to the state as of Sept. 1. It was the consequence of a commitment made before in the year by Colorado Lead representative Jared Polis, who has demonstrated his obligation to out the state as supportive of digital money.   Colorado isn’t the main U.S. […]

  • Former Uber Security Chief Convicted of Blocking FTC Investigation

    Former chief security officer of Uber Technologies Inc. Joseph Sullivan was convicted guilty of criminal obstruction charges after failing to n otify federal authorities about a cyber intrusion in 2016 by a San Francisco jury. The case was extensively followed since it was an unusual instance of a senior cybersecurity officer being prosecuted for failing […]

  • International Monetary Fund cuts growth forecast for 2023

    Amidst high volatility in the global economy and increasing inflation rates in major economies, International Monetary Fund is reportedly planning to cut growth projections for 2023. Few months ago in July 2022, International Monetary Fund had slashed growth projections for 2023 by nearly 70 basis points to 2.9 percent. IMF also slashed growth projections for […]

  • Google tips details for its upcoming Google Pixel Tablet Google Pixel Tablet

    Google has already announced its Made By Google event where the technology giant was seen unveiling the new Google Pixel smartphones including the standard Pixel 7 and also a Pixel 7 Pro and then also we got to see the new Pixel watch which is also the first ever Pixel watch by Google being launched […]