• Nations must embrace change in order to tackle biodiversity crisis, researchers say

    Credit: CC0 Public Domain Governments should embrace the realities of shifting biodiversity rather than “investing in futile efforts to return the natural world to its historic state,” a new study argues. In a paper published in the run up to the United Nations conference, COP 15, the researchers suggest a new approach to conservation, which […]

  • Overwatch 2: Season 2 Trailer Showcases Rammatra, New Map Shambali

    Next week Blizzard will add Rammatra and the new escort map Shambali to Overwatch 2. The developer released the Season 2 trailer for the free-to-play shooter, unveiling what’s on the horizon for the game. For starters, there’s the new tank Rammatra, who can change forms within a match. That marks a first for his role […]

  • Shockingly, the Pixel 7a will probably look a lot like the Pixel 6a

    If history is anything to go on, Google won’t announce the next entry in its Pixel A series until I/O 2023. That means we could be waiting as much as six months before the company is ready to share any substantial information on the device. Of course, that’s not stopping the rumor mill from getting […]

  • Hawaii volcano shoots lava fountains 200 feet high: USGS

    Mauna Loa erupts for the first time since 1984 on Hawaii Island, on November 28, 2022. Fountains of lava up to 200 feet (60 meters) high have been fired into the air from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, geologists say, generating rivers of molten rock from the world’s largest active volcano. Three fissures have now opened up […]

  • Top 5 Best Classic Gaming Consoles, Ranked – Destructoid

    Woe is me The Coronavirus pandemic really did a number on the already out-of-control video game collector’s market. I always say that I used to buy retro games because I was poor, but now I’m too poor to buy retro games. I’ve got a lot of complaints about it. Don’t get me started. There are […]

  • Many Asthma Patients Don’t Follow Their Medication Plans

    In 2017, an expert commission organized by the Lancet examined the current state of asthma care. That commission identified poor medication adherence as one of the principal barriers standing between people with asthma and improved disease outcomes. Adherence is “the biggest elephant in the room,” the commission wrote. “Although lip service is paid to optimizing […]

  • Early Pixel 7a renders look just like the Pixel 7

    Although the Pixel 7a is still months away, leaker OnLeaks and SmartPrix partnered to share renders of Google’s upcoming smartphone. The renders show off a device that sure looks a lot like Google’s Pixel 7 series. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise — Google seems fairly committed to the design and camera bar […]

  • Team creates nano-magnets that could restore damaged nerve cells

    Modular magnetic devices for applying local magnetic fields. Applying magnetic fields using A) 4 mm diameter pinhole parallelly-aligned and beehive-like magnetic devices. B) 1.5 cm diameter ring magnet. i) Illustrations of magnetic devices. In blue: pores are arranged in a beehive-like pattern, in red: pores are arranged in parallel lines. ii) Life-size images of magnetic rod/ring. iii) […]

  • Mtn Dew’s Capture the Holiday Season in a Bottle with Fruit Quake

    | The king of soda, Mountain Dew, is back once again to take on the holiday by storm with a brand-new flavor. Last year we had a winter forecast of Gingerbread, and DEW Nation needs to get prepared for this year’s Fruit Quake. That is right, the celebrated holiday treat, fruit cake, has arrived at […]

  • Lordstown Defies Doubts As First Endurance Electric Pickup Trucks Head To Buyers

    In a press release, Lordstown Motors disclosed that its first electric pickup has been approved by California Air Resource Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Its electric pickup known as “Endurance” has also been given the green light by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) after passing a safety test. This means […]

  • Frankie Bridge shares update on eating disorder battle and feeling like a 'disgusting pig'

    The singer and TV star seemed in a more buoyant mood as her therapy continued, having been close to tears as she opened up about the difficult sessions last week. She also blamed the 1990s fashion world trend “heroin chic” as one source of her drive to be thinner. “When I was younger, if someone […]

  • Gigabyte may have accidentally leaked the next Nvidia GPU

    A new leak shows that Gigabyte is readying some new graphics cards, and both AMD and Nvidia fans have something to look forward to. It seems that Gigabyte may have inadvertently confirmed previous rumors about Nvidia’s plans in regard to the “unlaunched” RTX 4080 12GB. According to the findings of @harukaze5719 on Twitter, Gigabyte has […]