• Better As Friends: 10 Drama Free Celebrity Divorces

    Typically, celebrity divorces involve a nasty battle played out in the public eye through the tabloids, with every juicy detail leaked to inflict maximum Most of the time, when celebrities get divorced the sparks are so bright they light up the headlines. Ego, money, and emotions are on the line and they make for great car-crash viewing. But what about the couples who divorce that are stress-free? Those celeb divorces that are free of drama? Take a look at the non-headline-making divorcing...

  • Family Drama! Celebrities With The Most Baby Mamas & Daddies Exposed

    Baby mama and daddy drama has embroiled many stars. In fact, a shocking number of celebrities have had children with three or more men or women! Raunchy rockers like Steven Tyler, Rod Stewart, and Mick Jagger, legendary Lotharios such as Jack Nicholson, and women who change their partners often, like Kate Winslet and Mel B, Read More