• Apple to Pay Broadcom Billions for US-Made 5G Chips

    Broadcom will develop and manufacture 5G components in several US manufacturing hubs. Apple has signed a multiyear, multibillion-dollar deal with Broadcom for 5G components manufactured in the US.The agreement will see Broadcom both develop and manufacture 5G radio frequency components for Apple, with the components produced at American manufacturing and technology hubs. Those hubs

  • 26 Steam Tips for PC Gaming Noobs and Power Users

    There are numerous gaming clients on PC, but none are as mature and feature-rich as Steam. Use these tips to master Valve's store and game launcher on desktop, laptop, and Steam Deck. Steam is the face of PC gaming. Valve's video game marketplace isn't the only place to purchase PC games—Epic Games Store, GOG, and Xbox are viable options, too—but Steam's footprint and famous seasonal sales make it a popular online

  • Peloton's New App Pricing: Bad for Off-Brand Bike Owners

    Announced today, Peloton's new app pricing tiers makes it more expensive to stream classes from the company's app while using a more affordable indoor cycle or treadmill from a different brand. Bad news if you stream classes from Peloton's app on your phone while using a more affordable indoor cycle or treadmill from a different brand. Starting today, this popular method of "hacking" a Peloton experience will become more expensive.The company today kicked

  • Windows AI Copilot Rolls Out in Preview Next Month, Plug-Ins Coming to Bing AI

    Microsoft bills Windows Copilot as the first PC platform with 'centralized AI assistance to help people easily take action and get things done.' As anyone paying attention to the tech space would expect, this year's Microsoft Build developer conference is shot through with AI, thanks in large part to Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI. Redmond is announcing over 50 new products at Build, from Windows Copilot to Bing plug-ins;

  • Nvidia, Microsoft Open the Door to Running AI Programs on Windows PCs

    Nvidia is working with Microsoft to let consumers run powerful AI programs on Windows PCs equipped with its RTX graphics. We typically access AI programs, such as chatbots and image generators, from powerful data centers hooked up to the internet. But Nvidia is now working with Microsoft to let consumers run the same programs on Windows PCs equipped with its RTX graphics. The advancements announced today are geared toward software

  • Qualcomm Revs Up AI Capabilities for Snapdragon Laptops and Tablets

    Qualcomm jumps on the AI train at Microsoft Build 2023, bringing AI access directly to devices running on its latest Snapdragon chip for Windows. Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3, Qualcomm's compute platform, isn't new—we first saw it in a laptop in early 2022—but the chip is back in the spotlight as Qualcomm rolls out new AI features and capabilities at Microsoft Build

  • Lego 2K Drive

    Build bricks and burn rubber Open-world racing games are designed to make you believe that your vehicle can go anywhere. Yet many modern racers take themselves too seriously, with their devotion to realistic simulation throttling their sense of imagination. Lego 2K Racers offers a welcome antidote. This $59.99 PC game

  • First Rep: We Head to the Gym With Peloton's New Workout App

    After focusing on at-home exercise for years, the company is bringing self-guided app workouts to your fitness center of choice with Peloton Gym. We take it for a test spin. In a post-pandemic world, people are less inclined to buy expensive exercise equipment, so Peloton is setting its sights on a new type of customer: gymgoers. Amidst waning consumer interest and product recalls, the troubled interactive fitness company on

  • Sony ZV-1M2

    An excellent vlogging camera with disappointing battery life Many creators use smartphones for vlogging, but camera makers do sell purpose-built alternatives with superior ergonomics and features. Sony's ZV-1 was one such release, and now its successor, the $899.99 ZV-1M2, looks to recapture the compact market once

  • Samsung Display's 'Rollable Flex' OLED Panel Expands More Than 5x

    The new flexible display technology uses an O-shaped axis and unrolls like a scroll. Samsung Display figured out how to manufacture a flexible OLED display that can expand to more than five times its original size. Flexible display technology on the market today is limited to just three times its original size.The new display is called "Rollable Flex," and

  • The Best Nikon Camera for 2023

    Whether you want to upgrade to a Z mirrorless camera or find a new body for classic F-mount lenses, these are our favorite Nikon cameras. Photographers shopping for a new camera should consider a few things before picking a brand. If you're after a mirrorless camera (or SLR) that works with interchangeable lenses, the company you pick determines what kinds of optics and accessories you can use with it.Nikon is one of the first brands

  • The Best Drones for 2023

    A high-quality drone can add production value to a film project or help you get a unique view for your travel vlog—plus, they're just really fun to fly. These are the top drones we've tested. Even if you have no good reason to justify buying one, you have to admit that drones are cool. Some are glorified tech toys, but the models we highlight here are fit for imaging and cinematic applications both small and large. If you think you can use a flying camera