• Trial in Ólafsfjörður Murder Case Scheduled for Next Week

    A man accused of homicide in Ólafsfjörður last year is said to have stabbed the deceased twice in the left side, resulting in fatal bleeding, RÚV reports. The case is scheduled for trial next week. Stabbed the man twice A man in his thirties has been charged with the murder of a man in Ólafsfjörður […]

  • Grounded Research Vessel in Westfjords Successfully Refloated

    A research vessel that ran aground in Tálknafjörður at around 10 PM last night has been refloated. An investigation into the incident is underway. Weather conditions calm and favourable At 9:12 PM yesterday, a report was received by the Coast Guard control centre that the research vessel Bjarni Sæmundsson, of the Marine & Freshwater Research […]

  • Deep North Episode 44: Working it Out

    A few years ago, Iceland instituted a four-day work week. It’s gone off without a hitch and everyone’s been happier since. At least that’s the story that has spread through foreign media outlets. The truth is much more complex. Firstly, it’s not a four-day work week, but a 4.5-day work week. Secondly, it technically only […]

  • Rosé and 10K (at the Reykjavík Marathon)

    It was a season of debauchery. A season of cocktail-filled nights and subpar parenting.A season of good-natured rationalisation.“The good thing about drinking while raising two young boys,” I observed, “is that I have four hands. Sometimes six.”I was in Surrey when I made that observation. Surrey in English means Sorry – in reference to how insufferably […] This content is only visible under subscription. Subscribe here or log in.

  • Mud, Sweat, and Gears

    The motorsport Formula Offroad began in Iceland in the 1960s. The history of the sport is traced to rescue teams, who in an effort to generate additional funding for their chapters, began showcasing their 4×4 trucks navigating challenging Icelandic terrain. And what started as a demonstration evolved into a competitive endeavour among teams, with custom-built […] This content is only visible under subscription. Subscribe here or log in.

  • In Focus: Cruise Ships

    Small town Iceland isn’t what it used to be. During the peak summer season, some of Iceland’s coastal communities are bustling with cruise ship tourists, overwhelming local residents many times over. For some, these tourists represent an injection of cosmopolitan vitality into otherwise small, sleepy towns. For others, they represent the noise, pollution, and crowds […] This content is only visible under subscription. Subscribe here or log in.

  • Is Iceland Spar your national crystal? Is it a popular product in Icelandic gift shops?

    Iceland has no official “national crystal,” but if such a title were ever bestowed, Iceland spar would likely be a contender. Known alternatively as Icelandic spar or optical calcite, this crystal gained its name from its initial European introduction via the Helgustaðir mine in East Iceland during the 17th century (although the crystal is found […]

  • Minister Denies University's Appeal for Registration Fee Hike

    The Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation in Iceland, Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir, has denied a request from the country’s four public universities to increase registration fees, citing the financial strain already faced by students. The minister urges universities to improve the quality of education without raising fees. Presidents appeal to ministry Last year, the […]

  • Icelandic Whaling CEO Defends Suspended Vessel

    In a recent interview with RÚV, Kristján Loftsson, CEO of Iceland’s only whaling company, defended a recent incident that led to the suspension of one of his vessels. Kristján cited mechanical failure and criticised the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) for its lack of expertise and procedural lapses. Untenable situation In a recent interview […]

  • Siglufjörður Resident Loses Home to Severe Storm

    A severe storm hit the town of Siglufjörður in North Iceland on Monday night, leading to the complete destruction of one residence. RÚV spoke to the homeowner yesterday, whose three cats remain missing. “Future plans” blown away A severe storm swept through the town of Siglufjörður in North Iceland on Monday night, prompting local authorities […]

  • Experts Alarmed by Surge in Daily Drinking Rates

    According to a physician at the National Centre of Addiction Medicine (SÁÁ), the surge in online alcohol sales poses a concern for public health. Over the past four decades, the daily alcohol consumption rates among patients admitted to the Vogur Detox Centre and Rehabilitation Hospital with alcohol-related issues has more than tripled, Vísir reports. Improved […]

  • Deep North Episode 43: To Catch an Oystercatcher

    Under the regular ascent and descent of Keflavík jet traffic, out past the old American radar stations, at the northwestern tip of the Reykjanes peninsula, sits the Suðurnes Science and Learning Centre. Much like the airport terminal a few kilometres from here, this spit of low-flung land is a place where many visitors to this […]