• The Battle in Ukraine Reflects a Tone of 1953

    It’s starting to feel like 1953 again, this time in Ukraine. That year is when the Koreas and their allies agreed on an armistice, at last, after three years of bloodshed. Fighting sloshed up and down the Korean Peninsula during the year-long war of movement (1950-1951). The North lunged across the inter-Korean border in 1950, […]

  • Joe Biden Labeling Xi a Dictator Was Right

    Biden may not have coordinated his comments with Blinken, Jake Sullivan, or the other aides who run American policy in his name, even if not with his conscious consent. His aides and the foreign policy elite may consider such a blunt characterization of Xi’s governance a mistake or an insult. Instead, they should see it as an opportunity to reset American foreign policy to put reality and truth before fantasy and elision.

  • Is Crystal Meth the Next Syrian Narco-Weapon?

    Illicit narcotics reportedly fueled Hamas terrorists as they slaughtered Israeli civilians on Oct. 7. Israeli forces apparently found captagon pills stuffed inside the pockets of deceased terrorists, who used the amphetamine-like drug to remain calm and alert during their bloody assault. This discovery is the latest sign that the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al […]