• How to Resize a Kubernetes StatefulSet’s Volumes

    Kubernetes StatefulSets are used to deploy stateful applications inside your cluster. Each Pod in the StatefulSet can access local persistent volumes that stick to it even after it’s rescheduled. This allows Pods to maintain individual state that’s separate from their neighbors in the set.

  • That’s No Moon, That’s an Ad

    Looking at the night sky has inspired civilizations for tens of thousands of years, but a new proposal on satellite-based advertising might inspire us to look away.

  • Google’s Pixel 7 Will Only Get Three Years of OS Updates

    The Pixel 7 lineup is now available for pre-order. Google showed several improvements during its Made by Google hardware event, such as the new Tensor G2 system-on-a-chip and an improved rear camera setup. But it forgot to mention one important detail — you’ll only get three major OS updates.

  • Hey Google, Longer Device Support Would Help the Earth Too

    Google’s big October hardware event took place today, where the company fully revealed the Pixel 7 series and Pixel Watch. Google also highlighted how it takes sustainability and the environment seriously but does it really?

  • Toyota Resumes bZ4X EV Production After Embarrassing Recall

    In June of 2022, Toyota issued an emergency recall for its bZ4X all-electric SUV. The carmaker warned that the bZ4X’s wheels could detach while driving. Now, Toyota says that the problem is resolved. Sales of the bZ4X are still paused in the United States, but production is resumed.

  • How to Change a Windows User Account Password From Command Prompt

    Thanks to Windows’ net user command, you can change your PC’s user account passwords right from your Command Prompt window. This lets you set a new password for your chosen account without navigating any setting menus. We’ll show you how.

  • Nanoleaf Now Syncs with Corsair iCUE for Immersive Gaming

    Your Nanoleaf smart lights can now integrate with Corsair’s iCUE software, providing an immersive experience where lighting matches in-game content. It’s similar to the Razer Chroma integration that Nanoleaf recently debuted.

  • How to Mirror or Flip Text in Microsoft Word

    If you’re getting creative in Microsoft Word with something like a sign, announcement, or flyer, you may want to do something unique with your text. You can mirror text to make it reflect, or flip text upside down.

  • Is Putting Tape Over Your Webcam Actually a Good Idea?

    When you walk around an office or café, you’ll often see people using an array of items to cover up their webcam. Sometimes it’s tape, post-it notes, folded business cards, stickers, their thumb, or a marlin. I smear peanut butter over my webcam, but chunky peanut butter. It’s more secure than smooth.

  • What Is “Watch Only” Mode on a Galaxy Watch? (and How to Use It)

    Battery life and notifications are two of the features you might care about the most when it comes to your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Did you know there’s a “Watch Only” mode that can improve both of those areas?

  • The Google Pixel Tablet Aims to Shake Up Your Smart Home

    At the Made by Google event, Google’s company vice president of product management, Rose Yao, took the stage to give us a sneak peek at the upcoming Pixel Tablet. We say “sneak peek” because, unlike the Pixel 7 smartphone and Pixel Watch, the Pixel Tablet launches sometime in 2023.

  • The Google Pixel 7 Arrives to Dominate Smartphone Cameras

    To our delight, Google is sticking with its formula for the Pixel 7. This new smartphone looks nearly identical to its predecessor, but its cameras are more powerful, accessible, and usable than ever before. Plus, the Pixel 7 Pro finally embraces Face Unlock!