Will a Latino gay man replace Kamala Harris in the Senate?

by www.gaytoday.com

www.gaytoday.com— With Joe Biden’s presidential election victory over Donald Trump, the next race has started – and the speculation by political insiders and pundits is just as fierce. Who will fill [

www.gaytoday.com—Joe Biden names gay man as White House social secretary. Carlos Elizondo, an out gay man, has been named White House social secretary by the incoming Biden administration. Elizondo was social secretary for President-elect Joe Biden when Biden was vice [

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kottke.org—“America’s Next Authoritarian Will Be Much More Competent”. Citing international precedent and America’s anti-majoritarian systems, Zeynep Tufekci argues that the next authoritarian who runs for President will be much more competent and dangerous. The Electoral College and especially the Senate are anti-majoritarian institutions, and they can be combined with other efforts to subvert majority rule. Leaders and parties can engage in voter suppression and break norms with some degree of bipartisan cooperation across the government. In combination, these...