Watch Amy Coney Barrett get schooled for using “offensive and outdated” term for LGBTQ people

by— During her confirmation hearing yesterday, SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett implied that being gay is a choice when she repeatedly used the antiquated term “sexual preference” to dodge questions about [—LGBTQ couples rush to get married before Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to Supreme Court. LGBTQ couples in Missouri flocked to the St. Louis City Hall last week to get married before far-right Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed. Senate Republicans have prioritized [—Obergefell & Hodges (re)unite to oppose Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to Supreme Court. James Obergefell and Rick Hodges faced off in front of the Supreme Court in the landmark marriage equality case Obergefell v Hodges, but this time they’re on the same side. [—Pete Buttigieg sums up outrage over Amy Coney Barrett confirmation to Supreme Court in just 3 words. The U.S. Senate voted 52-48 to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court with every Republican except for Sen. Susan Collins (ME) voting for her and every single Democrat [