War on Christmas: Anti-LGBT Hate Group Calls for Boycott of Hallmark Cards, Wrapping Paper, Ornaments

by www.gaytoday.com

www.gaytoday.com— Late last year, the anti-LGBT hate group One Million Moms pressured the Hallmark Channel into removing four Zola.com wedding commercials featuring lesbian couples (above). However, the Hallmark Channel quickly reversed [

www.gaytoday.com—Gay candidate who slept with students says people calling for him to drop out are being homophobic. Alex Morse is the openly gay, four-term Democratic mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts who is currently running for Congress. Last week, he found himself ensnared in a college sex scandal. Now, [

www.gaytoday.com—A gay billionaire is quietly funding one of the most anti-LGBTQ candidates in the nation. Peter Thiel, the gay tech billionaire and Republican activist who spoke at the 2016 GOP convention, threw his money behind an anti-LGBTQ candidate who may actually win today’s primary for [

www.vice.com—Police Arrested 120 Anti-Racism Protesters in Omaha, and Barely Anyone’s Talking About It. While in jail, protesters told VICE News they were routinely denied water, bathroom access, and an adequate explanation for why they were being held even after they'd made their bail payments.