TSA points out ‘huge problem’ with record high number of passengers bringing guns to airports

by nydailynews.com

nydailynews.com— The Transportation Security Administration is sounding the alarm on what it’s calling a “huge problem” involving a record high number of passengers bringing firearms to the airport.

CNN—'Huge problem': Passengers are bringing a record number of guns to the airport, TSA says. Airline passengers are bringing guns to the airport in numbers never seen before, and it is a "huge problem," the Transportation Security Administration chief told CNN.

The Independent—Americans are bringing record number of guns to airports, TSA says. Incidents involving unruly passengers, including those who are intoxicated, have also increased at US airports this year

CBSDFW—Airports In Texas Rank High As TSA Recovers Record Number Of Firearms In First Nine Months Of 2021. TSA officers stopped 4,495 passengers attempting to carry firearms through airport security checkpoints in the first nine months of 2021.