Trump would have won if LGBTQ people hadn’t turned out to vote for Joe Biden in swing states

by— Donald Trump may have won reelection if not for LGBTQ voters, a new LGBTQ Nation analysis shows. If LGBTQ people had all decided to stay home instead of voting in [—Biden Has Finally Won Arizona, Turning It Democratic For The First Time In Decades. Advertisement—“Voting Trump Out Is Not Enough”. For the New Yorker, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor writes that as much noise and pain that Donald Trump generated while he was in office, it can’t hold a candle to America’s systemic problems, which remain unaddressed by both major parties. Like tens of millions of Americans, I voted to end the miserable reign of Donald J. Trump, but we cannot perpetuate the election-year fiction that the deep and bewildering problems facing millions of people in this country will simply end with the Trump...—Georgia Secretary of State Certifies Biden’s Win After Audit. To continue, please click the box below to let us know you're not a robot.